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Sonic branding for NIKE x NOCTA
We are proud to present our latest sonic branding work for Nike x Nocta. Take a peek at our take on the sonic development for Nike's latest footwear ad.
a bit about us...

Who we are

A team of artists, producers and engineers who have been releasing music under the record label, Plus TRBE Recordings since 2016.

What we do

Deliver quality music for film, TV, digital/online and radio. Have an ever-growing music library of music of black origin composed by active artists. Facilitate bespoke music composition & Music Supervision, tapping into a vast network of artists to deliver the right sound.

Why we do it

Create a fairer landscape for artists and composers within our scene and provide opportunities to have their works showcased in various forms of mixed media. We also provide film makers, TV and radio with authentic high quality music.

Our latest album

Dreaming in Key
Embark on an emotive journey on our latest album with North London's very own Tülin Demirci. A musical bedrock of pianos lay the foundation for a deeply emotional and melancholic exploration.
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